Have you paid for excess disability insurance only to find that when you go to collect they won't pay?

Although insurance contracts require that insurance companies deal with you in good faith our experience has indicated that insurance companies most often are self-interested and commonly review claims in their own favour and try to deny coverage.  When you are seriously ill or injured is not the time when you are at your best to challenge a powerful insurance company, especially when your financial resources are at their minimum.  These contracts of insurance are complicated and it requires a well experienced lawyer who fully understands them and how the courts interpret them to make sure that your interests are properly protected when you are dealing with your insurer. 

We have secured coverage for our clients either by settlement or at trial against most of the major insurance companies in Canada.  If you feel your insurance policy is payable due to illness or injury we can help.

Please contact Bruce Marks if you have questions about whether your claim has been unjustifiably denied. Appointments can be done over the phone or in person. We provide a free evaluation of your matter and guarantee that your case will be handled by a partner of our firm, not an associate or a paralegal. 


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