Your estate is your legacy to your loved ones. Protecting your gift to those who matter is one thing that you should entrust only to someone you feel comfortable with.

Using a will kit can be very dangerous. You might not get what you think you're getting and any mistake and you might wind up with a will that is completely or partially invalid. When we draft your will, we ensure that your gifts go exactly to who you want with clear and precise instructions so that there's no complication. We've prepared Wills, Codicils, Living Wills, Power of Attorney and Trusts.

If you have a problem, we're able to ensure that your rights are protected. Our experience with some of the most complicated estate disputes means that we're able to protect your interests when there's a problem, regardless if you're an executor, trustee, administrator or a beneficiary. 

Find out how we can help. Call Bruce Marks for a free evaluation of your case. Consultations can be made over the telephone or in person. 


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