The firm was established in 1993. Our hands on, personal approach has won us the respect of our peers and success in our profession. 

We are a full service law firm providing quality legal services to clients around the globe and locally. We handle all of our clients needs whether they be personal or business. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, either by phone, email or in person. 

The size of our firm and careful case selection allows us to devote the personal attention, focus and resources our clients deserve. At some larger firms, your file is assigned to an associate, rather than the lawyer you first met and hired, and your calls may be handled exclusively by a paralegal. At Marks & Marks, the lawyers you first meet and hire will handle every aspect of your file. We handle all client calls personally. 

Regarding litigation matters, the lawyer you hire will personally be involved in every aspect of your file from presenting your claim, filing suit, conducting discovery and taking the case to trial. That is why our clients send their family and friends; we make the experience as manageable as possible. 

What separates us from the other lawyers? In business, commercial, personal injury and medical malpractice matters, we research and understand all aspects of your claim. We thoroughly research the medical conditions our clients suffer. 

Our clients have often suffered serious injury and required extensive medical care. We understand that it is imperative that the medical condition and treatment our clients receive be understood by their lawyer. Without an understanding of the medicine, the lawyer cannot convey the severity and value of a claim to a claims adjuster or jury. The lawyer who understands the medicine can also effectively present a medical witness and cross examine an expert retained by the defendant's insurer. We have a team of medical experts with expertise relating to treatment of injuries to the internal organs, spine, brain, knee, shoulder, wrist and ankle. You want a lawyer who has and will invest the time to understand your medical condition so that the severity of the injury suffered may be explained and understood. That is a service we provide our clients. This formula has won our clients millions of dollars at settlement and trial.

We welcome any inquiry. Free consultations are available by phone or in person. If you have questions, please contact us and let us discuss how our firm may be able to help.

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