Notable Cases

Some of our past cases have included the following list:

Malpractice Suits

  • Won damages at settlement for our client who suffered from birth defects as a result of his mother taking medication during pregnancy. The defendant pharmaceutical companies' didn't warn pregnant mothers of the possible side-effects to their unborn babies if the medication was taken. The defendants are among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. As a result of this case the medication was re-labeled and patients are now warned of the possible side-effects;   

  • Won damages at settlement for our client, who as a result of the misdiagnosis by the defendant neurologist regarding a medical condition, is now permanently disabled, suffering from paraplegia and a loss of the ability to breathe independently. Our client has now the comfort of mind and dignity to know that he is financially secure and that his future medical care is looked after as well as his wife and two children;

  • Won damages at trial for our client as a result of a botched breast reduction; and

  • Won damages at settlement for our client as a result of botched lasik eye surgery and a result loss of vision. 

  • Plus many more.

Reported Decisions

Pembroke Foodliner v. Loeb Inc. (1991) O.J. No. 2340

J.L. v. Montfils (2004) O.J. No 774

Paradis v. Labou (1996) O.J. No. 2042

Dandurand v. Pier 1 Imports, (1986) 55 OR 2d 329

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