Our Team of Medical Experts Evaluates Your Case.

As lawyers specializing in Medical Malpractice cases we have successfully obtained millions of dollars at trial or through settlement for our clients. We provide a free 1/2 hour evaluation of your matter and guarantee that your case will be handled by a partner of our firm, not an associate or a paralegal. We have won millions of dollars for our clients by way of settlement or at trial. In most cases, our clients pay no lawyer fees until the case settles.

Some of our past cases have included the following list::

  • Won damages at settlement for our client who suffered from birth defects as a result of his mother taking medication during pregnancy. The defendant pharmaceutical companies' didn't warn pregnant mothers of the possible side-effects to their unborn babies if the medication was taken. The defendants are among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. As a result of this case the medication was re-labeled and patients are now warned of the possible side-effects;   

  • Won damages at settlement for our client, who as a result of the misdiagnosis by the defendant neurologist regarding a medical condition, is now permanently disabled, suffering from paraplegia and a loss of the ability to breathe independently. Our client has now the comfort of mind and dignity to know that he is financially secure and that his future medical care is looked after as well as his wife and two children;

  • Won damages at trial for our client as a result of a botched breast reduction; and

  • Won damages at settlement for our client as a result of botched lasik eye surgery and a result loss of vision. 

  • Plus many more.

The fact is that thousands of individuals are injured due to medical mistakes and negligence every year in Ontario. Medical malpractice cases are some of the most complex cases there are. Sometimes it is difficult to properly assess what mistake, or even which of the treating physicians has actually caused the injury. We have a team of Medical Experts and Doctors available to properly assess your case. We personally research and understand the medical conditions our clients suffer. Every injury is serious and our clients have often suffered very serious, even catastrophic injury and required extensive medical care. We understand that it is imperative that the medical treatment our clients receive be understood by their lawyer. Without an understanding of the treatment, the lawyer cannot convey the severity and value of a claim to a claims adjuster or jury. The lawyer who understands the medicine can also effectively present a medical witness and cross-examine an expert retained by the defendant's insurer. That is why we have assembled a highly respected medical team of experts that will assess your injuries, including injuries to the spine, brain, internal organs, knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, ankle and so on. You want a lawyer who has and will invest the time to understand your medical condition so that the severity of the injury suffered may be explained and understood. That is a service we provide our clients.

Our lawyers have over 50 years of experience conducting complex and sophisticated lawsuits. We welcome any inquiry regarding a potential medical malpractice claim. Free consultations are available by phone or in person. If you have questions, please contact Bruce Marks to discuss how we may be able to help.



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